Memorial Day 2010

A pocket copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States arrived in my mailbox from the Heritage Foundation last week, enclosed inside update literature from the organization.  These little booklets have replaced address labels as the “toy surprise” for right leaning political junk mail. I tucked it inside my purse. Yesterday, on a road trip through the beautiful Columbia Gorge, I found the stashed booklet while searching for a stick of gum.  I pulled it out and starting reading aloud to my captive audience proceeding from cover to cover. Working through the prose of our founding fathers, and subsequently the legalese constructed by more modern scholars in later constitutional amendments, was somewhat daunting. But the journey was worth it.  These documents are two of the most important insurance policies Americans possess.

Quote from Senator Orrin G. Hatch, in the forward to the book: “The 5000 Year Leap“:

It is alarming to think of the billions of dollars which we are expending each year trying to solve problems by methods which the Founders knew were fallacious. They attempted to warn us, to share their wisdom with us.  Too often their counsel has been ignored. Now we must return to them.

P.S. – Delete reference to junk mail. I was wrong.