Trust but Verify

Today the Twitterverse was alive with reports of a new George W. Bush Twitter account. 

All times “my time” PDT:

1140 @JakeTapper tweets: so @George_WBush is following the @RNC, @BarackObama, @SenJohnMcCain and @SarahPalinUSA

1141 @JakeTapper tweets: Guess who’s back….back again…. @George_WBush

1212  @JakeTapper tweets: Also new (though not AS new) to twitter: @SpeakerPelosi

1308 @SeanHannity tweets: Just talked to @KarlRove off the air and @George_WBush is NOT a real account. Facebook is, twitter isn’t

1316 @JakeTapper tweets: the @George_WBush tweets are from his presidential center — legit but not from him personally

1424 @Jake Tapper tweets: the actual GWBush Center twitter feed is @GWBPresCenter… <——- correct one ……Incorrect one —-> @George_WBush

1433 @JakeTapper tweets: P.S., another non-GWB twitter feed —-> @W

Variations of the above were well RE-Tweeted during and after these bulletins.  After seeing Jake Tapper’s initial tweet, I followed the twitter link to the @George_WBush account.  The name on the profile stated “George Bush Fans”.  And, as Jake Tapper indicated, the account was following Laura Bush, the RNC, Barack Obama, John McCain, and Sarah Palin ~ and Tapper fell for that hook, line, Obama, and sinker. The account listed the George W. Bush Presidential Center as its web link. This site is “for real” – and does link to a real Facebook account for the Presidential Center, though as of today there is NO Twitter link listed.  Also, sometime during the twitter feeds noted above, the @George_WBush account changed the profile name to “Support George Bush”.  Though it COULD have been the real thing, it needed to be VERIFIED.  Jake Tapper’s word on it apparently is not good enough, and that is disappointing.

I’m no Jake Tapper, but it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the REAL George W. Bush was NOT standing up! This was a snipe hunt.

P.S.  GWBPresCenter is a “verified” Twitter account.  Perhaps the George W. Bush Presidential Center website will verify this with a link.