When Ugly isn’t a Pretty Word

Helen Thomas “retired” today from her front row seat to the world.  From this perch she was often loud, cantankerous, misguided, and grumpy.  There are plenty of other adjectives that have been woven into the news, commentary, articles, blogs,  and tweets about the inferno she lit with the matchstick of her words.  Amidst the remaining ashes, the UGLY stone has been tossed at her again and again.

In contrast,  Maureen Dowd’s  latest NYT column Dressed to Distract discusses the “beauty premium”:

Ordinarily in life, extraordinary good looks are an advantage for men and women — and even babies…

Aesthetic allure is evolutionary, after all. “Like lots of animals,” said Dr. Andrew Harrell, the team leader, “we tend to parcel out our resources on the basis of value.”

Why is it that we so easily throw out the UGLY word when we are disgusted by someone’s political views?  It’s just plain mean.  It’s also one of the reasons Sarah Palin “haters” flounder, because the UGLY word is ridiculous.  What’s left is the STUPID word – same point taken.