Was Vaughn Meader the Nostradamus of the 1960s?

Let’s go back to a year before Sarah Palin was born.  At that time, Vaughn Meader was a popular comedian and JFK impressionist (of the FIRST FAMILY album fame). On January 6, 1963 he performed a satirical political monologue on the Ed Sullivan Show. In it, he takes us forward to the future – with a simulated newscast from the year 2022.  Was this an uncanny prediction of Sarah Palin’s future? 

The Video originally posted was removed from YouTube because of copyright complaint from Sofa Entertainment – which apparently owns the rights to The Ed Sullivan Show. The clip of Vaughn Meader (in 1963) performing a satiric rendition of a FUTURE NEWSCAST ended with a joke about the current FEMALE President of the United States  – and the celebration of her 58th birthday in the year 2022.  Sarah Palin will be 58 in 2022.