A chance meeting with Kirsten Powers

Tammy Bruce: “So Kirsten Powers, who is of course a liberal – but somewhat of a thoughtful liberal…”

On Day 2 of the Smart Girl Summit 2010 in Washington DC, a handful of TAMs (TammyBruce.com subscribers), went out on a quest for a quiet corner to call in to the Tammy Bruce radio program. While searching for the secret number to Tammy’s “Power Shack”, I was approached by a fresh-faced young woman asking for directions. She had likely noted my Smart Girl T-shirt and was hoping to be pointed in the direction of the upcoming panel discussion on The New Face of Feminism. Tammy had been scheduled to moderate this panel, but to the dismay of many she had to cancel so as to avoid spreading the wealth of her flu-bug. Face-to-face with this quite familiar face I blurted out: “YOU’RE KIRSTEN POWERS”. Hmm…duh. Kirsten graciously agreed to pose for photos with us. My gut impression was that she was somewhat surprised by the recognition from this klatsch of conservatives – with consideration of the irony that she, a liberal democrat, is most likely picked out of a crowd by “righties” because, well, the other guys aren’t watching Fox News.

After mentioning that we were convening in the corner for a call-in to Tammy Bruce, Kirsten smiled and said “oh, she doesn’t like me”. Certainly there is a history here. Tammy Bruce does not mince words when she has an opinion and these two women are clearly on opposite sides of the Fox News balance beam.

The TAM community is an eclectic bunch of people and we don’t always agree with Tammy or with each other – except in the case of FISCAL CONSERVATISM.

Listen in to excerpts from my conversation with Tammy about this chance meeting with Kirsten Powers.

P.S. – Kirsten Powers asks What Do Dems Have Against Women? in her article posted today at The Daily Beast. Fair and balanced.