Tammy Bruce commentary on The O’Reilly Factor – view on “THE VIEW”….

Also, check-out Tammy’s recent opinon piece at Foxnews.com: The ‘W’ Word Brings Fresh Hypocrisy to the California Governor’s Race. Here is an excerpt from this October 16, 2010 article:

You know the phrase “a disaster waiting to happen?” For over a decade now I’ve been waiting and watching, knowing that the National Organization for Women would inevitably have a very public nervous breakdown brought on by the pressures of using women’s issues to further the misogynist leftist agenda.

The only questions were when it would happen and how public the collapse would be. I now have my answer–October 2010.

After years of slouching into obscurity, NOW finally got some attention last week, much like car wrecks do on the freeway. By now you all know the details–a week ago California NOW endorsed Jerry Brown for governor within 24 hours of him (or the obligatory “someone associated with him”) calling his opponent, Meg Whitman, a “whore.”

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