You’re Fat and Ugly and your mother wears combat boots!

Debate the Weight of the Message

In the TAM community ( there’s been a bit of banter on the subject of using the “F” word, (as in F-a-t), in commentary about the creatures of politics. Tammy recently interviewed Ann Coulter and had the following exchange:

Tammy:  I have this weight issue, and you’re tall and lithe and you never do.  But for those of us who do have weight issues, we know why we gain weight and it’s usually because of either an emotional thing that’s going on or because we have no discipline.  And so I work on that all the time. When I see a guy like Chris Christie though,  who is …look and I think he has been fabulous… but I do and this is not like a small jab.  This is a serious concern. Does it concern you that he is so overweight…when it comes to the nature of what is happening psychologically and emotionally?  Now for you , who has never faced a weight issue, those of us who do, we know him and it worries us.  Look Ann, if I showed up and I was 300 lbs overweight you’d tell me I’d need to get help, wouldn’t you?

Ann: That’s true but… are right I have never thought about the psychological makeup of people who are a bit rotund.  I would cite Winston Churchill to you umm..who wasn’t exactly a beanpole.

Tammy: Damn it Ann, you’re right…

Ann: This beanpole in the oval office…people are gonna be so sick of skinny they’re gonna love FAT!

Tammy:  Y’know, damn it, you’re right…once again Ann Coulter is right in ten seconds.

So is “FAT” fair game for commentary?  Depends.  When Tammy expresses concern for the health, well-being, and political livelihood of Governor Christie relative to the quantity of adipose tissue he supports – then maybe.  When she refers to Karl Rove as “Fat Karl” while criticizing him for poo pooing Palin – well probably not.

Attractive and lean people have an advantage in this world, that’s a Fac’-Jack-Sprat.  When Helen Thomas was evicted from her front row perch in the White House press pool briefing room, there was applause from my seat in the peanut gallery,  but I strongly protested when many frosted the cake with the *UGLY* word.

In the case of the First Lady  humiliating her own daughter while touting her Mrs. America childhood obesity platform, well, maybe this WOOFAW from Tammy was in order.

P.S. God bless moms in the military.