Dan Riehl post from the day the government didn’t shut down…

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Shameful: Boehner Exploited Military On Two Fronts, While Playing Games With The Numbers

Based upon multiple conversations with various sources throughout the week, if you want to know why several Republicans are furious with the Republican Speaker, you have to look beyond the shell game he may be playing with the numbers in last night’s agreement.

Many Republicans wanted the military removed from the equation early on. That’s also likely why Rep. Michele Bachmann is mentioning the issue and Kay Bailey Hutchinson is now sponsoring a bi-partisan bill in the Senate to remove military pay from future budget skirmishes. Many are furious with Boehner for exploiting servicemen and women and their families for a battle in DC, while so many are risking their lives overseas.

Tea Party-affiliated Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida is out with a statement in which he says he is “disgusted at the perception that Leaders in my own Party…are now using the men and women in uniform” to pass a short-term budget bill.

Social Security, Welfare and Food Stamp payments have options when a so called shut down takes place. It is disgusting that Washington has never created a permanent system to deal with the military, most particularly now, as we are at war. Unfortunately, to his great discredit, Boehner deliberately exploited the issue on two fronts during recent negotiations.

He and others in leadership, including Cantor, wanted the issue in play. Republican Reps. Gohmert (TX) and Kingston (GA) had already fashioned a House Bill to deal with the issue early on. Boehner refused to let it come to the floor. However, he didn’t only want to use it against Obama, he also employed it to pressure incoming freshmen to support the latest continuing resolution, lest they be accused of not supporting paying a military engaged in multiple wars.

That and a suspected, but unconfirmed, gaming of the recent numbers is why the Republican establishment spin machine is working overtime, resulting in ridiculous articles hailing Boehner as some great leader by the usual Beltway suspects at NRO and Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post.

 As for concern over games being played with the numbers that would make this deal a bigger cave-in than it appears, Mark Levin (see Cavuto video below) raised some un-answered questions currently swirling around the deal, ones Republican leadership has, so far, refused to answer. If the $40 billion, or whatever dollar number now being circulated includes $10 billion already cut in previous CRs and an even larger portion of it comes from increases not being enacted, as opposed to actual cuts, Boehner may have caved for as little as $12 – $16 billion, or so, while exploiting the military to even get that.

To top it all off, none of this is really settled, as it will be gearing up again next week over now needed longer-term legislation. But Boehner can relax this weekend over a glass of Merlot, while Obama makes his tee time and Reid and the Democrats gloat about how easily they rolled an ineffective GOP Speaker to claim that they, not Republicans, passed the largest budget cut in American history. In fact, until all the details are known, it may be nothing more than the latest outrageous abuse of hard working, taxpaying Americans to come out of Washington, DC.