The Buzz about Bob & Mark and a Palin Promise set a rumor in motion  that Governor Sarah Palin would be calling in to the Bob and Mark  radio show today.

 “The Bob & Mark Show” broadcasts out of Anchorage, Alaska, with hosts Bob and Mark on KWHL … In the final episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC — which Governor Palin herself produced and had complete creative control over — the Governor promised to let Bob and Mark know, on the air, when she decides to run for president. Since the Governor personally chose to have that bit included in the episode, there has to be a reason for this. “The Bob and Mark Show” broadcasts Monday through Friday.

Though tomorrow is Constitution Day, today’s when Constitution Day is observed in most of the country.  It’s also a day when “The Bob and Mark Show” broadcasts. Many believe the Governor will announce her presidential bid on the show today — since she appears to indeed be scheduled as a guest at 930am PST…which is 1130am CST and 1230pm EST.

Here is an audio clip from today’s Bob & Mark Show featuring a call-in from a vigilant Sarah Palin supporter:


Bob & Mark did play up this rumor for all it was worth, even promising a call from “Sarah”… which had Twitter on fire with speculation.  But to be fair, they never promised a call from “Sarah Palin”.  The much awaited “Sarah” call was an obvious prank.

 Governor Palin did promise Bob & Mark that they would be involved in her announcement. And one of the Bob & Mark duo did make this claim today:  “When Sarah does make her annoucement, it will be on this show” .  There are many ways that Governor Palin can keep this pact.  It is likely that if/when she announces her candidacy, Bob & Mark will carry a live feed.  But… the REAL Sarah Palin did NOT call-in live to the Bob & Mark  radio show today.

Patience Palinistas! Oh..and TRUST ~ but VERIFY. Woofaw!