KABC’s Victory Sessions ~ Stephen Bannon, co-host Amy Siskind & guests talk about this week’s treatment of Sarah Palin in the blogosphere

The following was posted by Stacy Drake at Conservatives4Palin.com:

For those of you who have heard Stephen Bannon’s, The Victory Sessions on KABC 790, you know he does a great show. Make sure to listen tonight when he interviews Anand Giridharadas, the New York Times columnist who wrote that perceptive article about Governor Palin’s speech in Iowa.

Listen in to clips from tonight’s show with Stephen Bannon  and his co-host Amy Siskind , President of The New Agenda .

Hour 1 guests included  Anand Giridharadas ~ columnist for New York Times and  Tony Lee  ~ editor at  HumanEvents.com.


Guests during Hour 2 of the broadcast included:

Hour 2 CLIP 1 ~ Rob Port interview


Sonnie Johnson of  DidSheSayThat.com and Scott Conroy,  RealClearPolitics.com reporter and Sarah From Alaska coauthor.  Apologies ~ Scott’s initial introduction was clipped.

Hour 2 CLIP 2

Hour 2 CLIP 3

Hour 2 CLIP 4