Jedediah Bila tweets her impressions of tonight’s CNBC GOP debate

Jedediah Bila shared her commentary on tonight’s CNBC GOP debate via Twitter.   As tweeted by @JedediahBila:

NOTE: I am not endorsing any candidate as of now, so please keep that in mind as you read my impressions…

My top 3 in terms of tonight’s debate performance alone are Gingrich, Paul and Romney.

Gingrich is consistently impressive. I love that he takes on the media boldly. He must be careful not to come off too hostile, though.

Gingrich repeatedly looks like the teacher in the room. That’s a good thing. He would also look like one when standing next to Obama.

Romney is polished as all heck and has a solid delivery, no question. But a man of “steadiness and constancy”? Come on.

Go back and listen to Romney’s talk about policies geared toward the middle class. There’s a tinge of class warfare in there I don’t like.

Ron Paul really shines when foreign policy is not on the table. Love his talk about the Fed & department elimination. He knows his stuff.

Santorum also knows his stuff, but his delivery is problematic. Still seems antagonistic when he doesn’t need to be.

Cain had a tough week but held his own. He got more specific on policy and I liked that.

Cain’s initial hesitance when answering a question will make some nervous. He may just be thinking it through. He’s new at this.

Cain also handled the harassment question beautifully. Shame on them for asking it. If you’re looking for character, see his answer.

Bachmann sounded solid. She’s right on the issues, but there’s something about her delivery that’s missing.

Huntsman sounds like a liberal with GOP talking points. Sorry, but it’s true. That whole 99%-1% nonsense was liberalspeak.

Perry is still struggling with delivery. Makes me very nervous in that regard. Didn’t answer some questions directly and made a big boo boo.

I forgive Perry’s mistake of having a brain fart. It happens. But combined w/ his weak debate performances, it will make people nervous.

Perry’s record should be of primary importance. However, it’s also important to be able to articulate that record. And to persuade voters.

Every 1 of those candidates would be a step up from our President. However, winning requires convincing people to vote for you as well.

So that’s my take, folks. Thanks so much for joining me tonight! 🙂