Jedediah Bila de-briefs via Twitter about CBS GOP Debate


As tweeted by @JedediahBila after tonight’s GOP Debate:

Okay, here’s my take on tonight…

I’m basing this purely on tonight’s debate performance and, once again, not endorsing any candidate…

Romney nailed it.Very strong debate & delivery.His commentary inspires confidence that his instincts are solid & his knowledge base strong.

Gingrich had a strong debate once again. He’s very steady. Very solid on the issues.

I do wish Newt’s delivery was a bit less professorial sometimes and a bit more approachable.

Santorum can handle specificity well. On many issues. Knows his stuff.

Cain has good instincts on many issues, but his answers lack depth in many cases.

With Cain, you’d have to really trust him to trust his hires. I’m not seeing a strong foreign-policy knowledge base.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy will cause me to take an antacid tonight.

Perry lacks specificity & depth on many answers. His instincts are good & I think he’d hire a good team, but the delivery is still weak.

Huntsman was okay tonight, but there’s an underlying liberal thread that runs through his commentary. Always peeks out every now & then.

Bachmann is solid, had a good night. I’d like to see a little more depth, but I think she did well.

No matter what candidate wins, who he/she surrounds himself/herself with will be extremely important.

Okay, folks. That’s all! I’m off to devour what’s left of this popcorn and watch a movie that would make Daddy Bila proud. #horror

P.S. Here’s a mid-debate tweet:

“Look at Romney and Gingrich’s faces when Perry speaks”.