Jedediah Bila & Tammy Bruce ~ LiveTweet GOP Debate


Romney’s hair is, once again, a work of art.

Huntsman’s eyebrows. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s too much.

I still find myself wanting to pull the words out of Rick Perry’s mouth.

I hate arrogance in leadership. And in people in general. Arrogance is NOT confidence. In fact, it usually reflects quite the opposite.

That little beeping sound that says “time up” is annoying the living sh*t out of me.

@AmyTheNewAgenda Gingrich has to be careful of that IMO. Very fine line there with him sometimes.

Habitat for Humanity?? Did Newt just equate that with Habitat for Humanity?!?!

This Freddie Mac stuff stinks. It reeks. Just being honest.

If Bachmann shifted her tone just a little–just a slight change in her delivery–she’d be much higher in the polls.

Bachmann is right to go after these things and try to drive them home. This Freddie Mac stuff doesn’t sit right with me. Period.

In terms of delivery alone, I’ll take quirky over arrogant any day of the week.

When Perry makes the confused face, it makes me nervous.

I’m honestly having a very hard time believing most of the people on this stage re: what they will actually do. Not all, but most.

Do these guys not realize that they’re on camera when they’re not speaking? I HATE ARROGANT EXPRESSIONS TOO.

That’s a solid answer by Romney. And realistic re: MA & Congress.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll feel better once Ron Paul has our “over-reacting” under control.

Santorum is fantastic on Iran. Period.

Bachmann is being tough tonight. Hope she keeps it up.

Huntsman just said “Huntsman administration.” LMAO! Sorry, but I can’t help it!

RT @JoeKent_IV I wish @michellemalkin @JedediahBila and @jamiedupree were asking the questions. We could find out quick who’s the best one under pressure

Gingrich is 100% right. Showcase that the President stands against the will of the American majority.

Romney just heard Perry help him defend Romneycare, FYI.

Best Perry debate so far. Nailed the Fast & Furious question.

Honest truth: Every time I watch these debates with NY Independents & social issues come up, Romney is the clear winner for them.

Wow, Bachmann is really going after Gingrich tonight. Looks like that’s her main target.

See now, that reply by Gingrich about Bachmann’s facts not being right was terribly condescending IMO.

Gingrich needs to call up @SarahPalinUSA. There’s a way to call out what you deem as incorrect & not rub people the wrong way.

[responding to @MelissaTweets ~ But are they willing to vote Republican at all?] @MelissaTweets Given the economic climate, I think so. Lots of Northeast Independents disgusted with Obama right now.

[responding to @JoshPainter ~ @JedediahBila Perhaps it was condescending, but it was much more civil for Newt than to look at her & say “You lie!” Because she did.]
@Josh_Painter That style will turn off a lot of people. It can be done in a much better way and the point won’t be lost.




Ron Paul couldn’t be more wrong–Defeating Obama will be tough, over-confidence will doom the Republicans #foolish

Oh for crying out loud, Syd hates the gmail time limit chime #foxdebate

Mitt, you spent your career in the private sector because NO ONE WOULD ELECT YOU.
Bachmann: Look at me! Look at me!!!!#foxdebate
Perry trying trying convince us that he can debate Obama #Facepalm
Was that Bachmann or Megyn who groaned at Perry comparing himself to Tebow?
Santorum’s tie is making me want a peppermint stick #damnhim
Romney seems uniquely focused, maybe he realizes the US isn’t a company that can be had w a leveraged buyout
During every debate I just think of how Palin would be slaying every single one of these people
Can we just have Megyn Kelly answer all the questions? #megynforprez #foxdebate
Ugh, Bach was on a roll re Newt and then fell down into the self-praise ditch
Heard in TAM Chat: Why isn’t Herm Cain in the debate? Oh yeah, he’s gonna be SecDef #lololol
I’m in TAM Chat handing out Hot Toddies w cinnamon sticks #JustSayin
Other than debate option? White Christmas on AMC 🙂
Newt, strangely, is boring me & seems like he’s close to the edge of advocating for activist govt
#ow @Josh_Painter Bachmann lying again. You can tell because her lips are moving.
#headdesk @toddstarnes Newt: “What she said is factually not true.” #foxdebate
I wonder if Bach will ever be asked about the $$ her campaign took from Freddie Mac
Perry talking about part time congress, we already have that, they work 2-3 days a week
Oh good! Cavuto brought up how little they already work
Awww! Syd jumped when Santorum mentioned Sydney! #shebetternotbecomeasantorumbotnpw
Romney being very smart about business and how he’s not going to determine what businesses will succeed in the future #wishhewerehuman
Very focused & confident RT @EdMorrissey Agree – best in a while. RT @guypbenson Wow, Romney is on fire tonight. He just is Try to deny it
Nice answer from Newt on lawyers believing they can dictate to the rest of us
I have to say, this is a little less of a clown show without Herm
Stepping off to do the Daily TAM Briefing, I know you Tweeps will let me know if anything happens to Bach’s eyelashes
Ron Paul re Iran says he sees another Iraq coming. People from this planet see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv coming
I like the look of concern on Bach’s face as she listens to Paul
Ron Paul meet Neville Chamberlain. Neville meet Ron.
Santorum always very strong re Iran and Israel. Next to John Bolton he would make a very interesting Sec of State
Romney excellent on Obama’s foreign policy of “pretty please”
Excellent, excellent smack down of Paul by Bachmann while establishing her strength on Iran
Ron Paul “Soylent Green is peeeeepuhl!!!”
Ok how about Gingrich/Bachmann ?
LOL! @AmyPeikoff This is not the debate in which we’ll tweet, “Holy crap, I agreed with Ron Paul.” #understatement #iowadebate
Really now, must do podcast. Or go hunt raccoons.
Yay! Newt says he doesn’t want to appear “zany.” Nice swipe at Mittenz
Indeed RT @NolteNC Newt just had what one might call a good moment #foxdebate
Heard in TAM Chat: “They better hurry along this debate, it’s getting past Perry’s bedtime.” LOL!