GOP debate ~ Tweet Highlights from Tammy Bruce and Jedediah Bila

@HeyTammy Bruce

➣Hmm, Palin somewhat slamming Romney on Fox
➣I’d say Palin’s comments on Fox about Romney have been her most directly negative
➣I am curious to see tonight how Romney will do without his sous chef Bachmann
➣Impressed w Perry here …
➣Kudos to Perry for pointing out Paul’s hypocrisy on earmarks
➣Perry seems much more…in possession of his message tonight.
➣Can someone simply smack Paul upside the head?
➣Oh, Newt just might be doing it right now…
➣We need the 3 Stooges to come up behind Paul. The eye poke would do about now…
➣The ad for that movie about 9/11 is on. Why would we want to go to a movie about death & loss re 9/11? I want to *escape* at the movies
➣Boy, Romney sure doesn’t want to answer the right-to-privacy constitution question
➣Constitution doesn’t give us our rights, all rights are given to us by God. Whether or not “privacy” is in the Constitution is irrelevant
➣The strange behavior of the ABC moderators illustrates their utter panic over Obama’s re-election.
➣Oh great, now from contraception to gay marriage. Newt first, should have refused to answer, demand an economic question
➣Jeez, ABC moderators seem much more obsessed about the homos than even I am!
➣The problem, of course, re marriage is married couples get 1000+ rights due to fed/state recognition of that union.
➣Yea!! Newt going after the bias in all these freaking “gay” questions by turning the table referring to “anti-Christian” bigotry. Bravo!
➣GOP candidates *must* more often than not *reject the premise* of these Obama water-carriers
➣Is Diane Sawyer drunk?
➣Is it possible that I am most impressed w Perry tonight? Has losing Iowa snapped him out of whatever haze he was in?
➣@pinkelephantpun I must disagree, From the POV of someone w/o a horse in this race, Perry is a different person tonight
➣I think Sawyer just choked on her martini w Perry’s comment about sending troops back to Iraq
➣Some in L.A. too 🙂 RT @gatewaypundit Ron Paul: There are some in Washington who can’t wait to start bombing Iran
➣Santorum smack Paul on Iran, good job.
➣Ooh, Diane slurs that they’re gonna start asking about jobs now they’ve got those gay condom questions out of the way
➣Romney is managing to make a lot of noise without saying anything #sametalentasmydog
➣Did Diane Sawyer just order a scotch and soda from Ron Paul?
➣That ABC crowd shot managed, somehow, to find the angriest 4 people I’ve ever seen #scareamerica
➣Wow, Perry is *really* impressive tonight
➣Garçon! Ms. Sawyer wants the little martini shaker brought back to her table!
➣Nice shot of Callista reacting to Newt’s great one liner about Obama…
➣Good comment by Santorum rejecting class-based rhetoric, middle income not middle class
➣Josh? I thought that was Ron Burgundy RT @DavidLimbaugh This Josh guy is a caricature of himself.
➣Seriously, I hope Diane has a driver tonight
➣Yay!!! Romney nails Huntsman for serving Obama and implementing his policies for the past two years!!! WOOT!
➣Um, Huntsman responds to Romney by speaking the Chinese? Idiotic.
➣Diane is *not* using her hand on her face in a thoughtful pose. She’s simply holding her head up.
➣Bachmann’s been gone so long I’ve forgotten how many foster children she has :/
➣Well, it’s over. Someone send some bread, water and pepto over to Diane, she’s gonna need it
➣In debate analysis ABC insisting, absolutely insisting that Mittens is the ginormous winner tonight #whatobamawants
➣Other than helping Diane w her hangover “10 DIY Projects To Do This Weekend”


@Jedediah Bila

➣My pre-debate segment on Breitbart TV earlier…MT @RuBegonia: @JedediahBila joined @StephenBannon on BreitbartTV

➣I’m in debate position on my couch. Chocolate in hand. Only soft items close by for throwing.
➣Once again, no one has used my “Winter Wonderland” stage idea. #bitter
➣Really, though, what hair gel does Romney use? #magnificent
➣Romney painting himself as the anti-Washington businessman/Governor. Drawing a line bet. himself & Santorum/Gingrich/Paul
➣Newt diplomatically digs Romney. That will be his style, if he can sustain it.
➣This Romney talk will resonate very well with NH GOP voters. I know them well.
➣Huntsman just said a whole lotta nothin’.
➣RT @MichelleMalkin Take note, non-Romney candidates: Attacking Romney’s Bain record is NOT going to play well w/small & large biz owners outside the Beltway.
➣Ron Paul is right on these points. This is all correct info. on Santorum. He IS a big-government Republican on these issues.
➣I wanna hear Santorum defend his support of Medicare D & No Child Left Behind,voting against flat tax & to increase spending for Dept of Ed
➣Santorum is already getting frustrated. And it shows. It shouldn’t show.
➣Marginalizing libertarians is not a smart move pre-NH. Just sayin’.
➣Paul is right. Santorum did vote to increase the debt.
➣I’m not a Ron Paul fan, but he’s right on these points re: Santorum. It needs to be said
➣Huntsman talking “leadership that can be trusted.” Says the guy who used to work for Obama.
➣Romney is keeping the focus on Obama. This is a very strong performance thus far.
➣So far Perry is having a good night. Best I’ve seen him yet.
➣Gingrich focusing on specifics with respect to NH veterans. Smart.
➣Paul and Gingrich just had a nasty–and uncomfortable–exchange.
➣Romney defers to Paul as the constitutionalist. That was interesting!
➣Romney defers to Paul as the constitutionalist. That was interesting!
➣Stephanopolous is an absolute joke. The End.
➣Where’s @marklevinshow when we need him? 🙂
➣Huntsman supports civil unions. Good answer from him on that question IMO.
➣This IS an important issue for people in NH. P.S.–There will never be a federal law banning same-sex marriage.
➣Don’t underestimate the importance of these issues to voters in NH, MA, VT, ME.
➣This is a fantastic answer by Romney. Will resonate with NH voters.
➣Great point by Gingrich re Catholic charities. Good for Romney for agreeing. These are important points.
➣What a bunch of dumbass questions.
➣In other words, Paul won’t run 3rd party. Or he might. Or maybe not. Or maybe. #clarity
➣I really find myself wanting to pick a little of this and that from each candidate. One thing missing for me? Trust.
➣Oh for the love of God! RT @SoonerCubby: @JedediahBila You’re starting to sound like Greg Gutfeld. #NHDebate
➣I just want to point out that it’s almost 10 p.m. and I haven’t used the word #vomit once. It’s coming, though.
➣@michellemalkin The noseplugs! I need the noseplugs! 🙂
➣RT @michellemalkin I need to speed up production. RT @JedediahBila: @michellemalkin The noseplugs! I need the noseplugs! 🙂
➣Gee, you think these debate moderators are a little biased? No way! Can’t be! #vomit
➣@RuBegonia Those I know on the ground in NH say Romney by far.
➣Romney’s answers are geared toward NH GOPers and Independents. Very balanced responses.
➣NH GOPers, who is winning this debate? Tell me who & why……
➣I don’t like Santorum’s 0% corporate tax rate for manufacturing ONLY. What about everyone else?
➣YES! RT @JohnDeVore: Jon Huntsman is the conservative that liberals would make out with drunk.
➣ I had a headache before this started. Now I have a migraine.
➣So far emails from NH voters indicate a big win for Romney tonight. Not surprising.
➣Oh here goes Huntsman with the Obama-style stories.
➣I think I fell asleep, woke up, ate a snack, and ran the marathon during Romney’s last answer.
➣Here’s the anti-Romney team-up! Santorum takes on Romney’s “middle class” term. Excellent point. Was waiting for someone to do that!
➣Mitt did what he needed to do to win NH. And he will.
➣Great night for Perry. Best I’ve seen him by far. It’s a shame this guy didn’t take the stage from the start.
➣Paul was Paul, Huntsman was Huntsman, and Santorum did well–but I wasn’t blown away.
➣Yep. RT @michellemalkin: Jon Karl rightly mocking Gingrich for citing NYTimes to back him up on Romney attack. #nhdebate
➣If these candidates aren’t able to take on Romney properly, that’s just as important as whether or not Romney can handle the challenges.