Photos links from CPAC 2012

Collecting a few fun photo links ~ screencaps or video
posted by tweeps at CPAC 2012

 Video from Townhall’s Katie Pavlich with former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin at CPAC 2012 in Washington D.C


Video from official Smart Girl Politics ~ Gov. Palin opines on the possibility of a “Brokered Convention”


◠◡➣PHOTO ~ via @JedediahBila ~ PACKED room waiting for Sarah Palin speech

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ @ LuceLadies ~ Sarah Palin addressing conservative women at our #CPAC12 mentoring lunch!

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Sarah Palin – just here, just now. Posted by Justin Hart

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Lining up for Sarah Palin

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Sarah Palin in the crowd

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Governor Sarah Palin arrives

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ @rumpfshaker meets Jedediah Bila

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Via @JimmieBJR Scenes from My #CPAC: @brodigan plays the blues.

  ◠◡➣PHOTO ~ #CPAC 2012 Ronald Reagan Award recipient = David French Senior Counsel for the ACLJ

  ◠◡➣PHOTO Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers 

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Franklin Center booth visitors

 ◠◡➣PHOTO ~ @HankPioneer meets Joe the Plumber

 ◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Blogbasher meets @DanaLoesch

◠◡➣PHOTO ~  Joe the Plumber gets a “shout out” from Herman Cain.

◠◡➣PHOTO  ~ Amelia Hamilton, author of One Nation Under God ★A Book for Little Patriots★ interviewed by @NRAnews

◠◡➣PHOTO  ~ Brett Baier and Gov. Mitt Romney

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ Gov. Rick Perry

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ FreedomWorks: “This ain’t your grandma’s Tea Party”

◠◡➣PHOTO ~ @LarryOConnor interviews Kirk Cameron