Flashback ☞ Andrew Breitbart’s audio birthday message for Tammy Bruce

Flashback to last August ☞ Andrew Breitbart sent an audio birthday message to Tammy Bruce. Here it is:


(h/t ~ archived & forwarded by @TwoLegsGood )

Remembrance from @TwoLegsGood:

When I was “producing” Tammy’s birthday with recordings from TAMs and others in early August last year, I called Andrew Breitbart, who was so eager and so happy to make her a b-day recording.

We had a brief exchange — I thanked him for being a General in our Tea Party army, a true hero for us.  I don’t think Andrew Breitbart was used to hearing such sincere affection as he quietly replied: “I’m just doing my duty.  It’s a war.”  Told him how he’d inspired me to hook up with some artist TAMs to write and make political art for a Sarah Palin campaign — and that some of us methodically talked through Breitbart’s ideas from his book — that the war is over pop culture — and then complimented him on his leadership abilities which reminded me of some film producers I’ve known — wondered if he’d ever worked in film — he said no — didn’t know if I was being facetious or not as I tried to explain how good producers, regardless of politics — bring out the best in those around them and it’s a personality thing — and that’s what I meant — he was excited to do the audio for Tammy — and was concerned about what he should say — I said “heartfelt is best” and thanked him for hooking me up w/ John Nolte (who also did a sweet Tammy message.)

I thought later AB had made the most thoughtful message of all.