Obama’s America 2016 ~ a film by Dinesh D’Sousa

There was an expectation that we would have to travel a minimum of 45 miles to see it. An internet search for the nearest viewing location yielded an unanticipated surprise. The documentary film Obama’s America 2016 was playing at my local cinema. So we drove for 5 minutes, parked, paid for our tickets…and watched.    It was a 2:30 pm showing on a Sunday afternoon, and the theater was about 40% full.  Keep in mind that this is a small town multiplex, which was showing the film four times during the day.

As reported a few minutes ago at theExaminer.com:

The latest box office figures show the political documentary movie ‘2016: Obama’s America’ by author and scholar Dinesh D’Souza and highly-acclaimed movie producer John Sullivan has grossed $26 million at movie theaters throughout the nation as of this weekend ending September 9, 2012.

The film exceeded my expectations for cinemetography, editing, and muscial score.  The theme was narrowly focused ~ it wasn’t just another Obama hit-piece with the usual bevy of wildly flung accusations.   As as the primary narrator, D’Sousa posited a theory that was often empathetic but also quite discerning and critical about our president’s world view.  This was often juxtaposed with Barack Obama’s own words in his own voice. There were many intriguing 3rd party interviews.

When the film ended, the sober mood of the audience was palpable.  We all left very quietly and respectfully.