Jedediah Bila on Right Hook Radio 彡‿➤ 4-6-13

Earlier today, Jedediah Bila called in for a chat with Steve Hook  on Right Hook Radio ~ WCTC the voice of Central New Jersey.   Jedediah talked about her AMAC column that posted yesterday: More Hope and Change!  where she notes:  “What’s astonishing to me is that enough people haven’t lived the awful effects of these economic numbers long enough to know that Obama-style “stimulus” just isn’t working and that taking from one to give to another doesn’t grow the kind of economy that promotes opportunity or success for all.”   She also discussed points she made in her recent Breitbart post: Bill Kristol Wrong to Dismiss Young Adults  where she stated:  “If the Republican Party has any intention of growing its support base, its ears should be open to the ideas of young people who are energized, passionate, and committed to the causes they hold dear”.

Here is the Right Hook Radio segment featuring Jedediah Bila. ☛