Tammy Bruce on the possibility of “Senator” Sarah Palin?

Bruce-Palin-CheneyOn The Tammy Bruce Show  (7-10-13 broadcast), Tammy opined on the possibility of Sarah Palin running for a U.S. Senate seat.

Here is the audio of that segment of the show, followed by a transcript of the highlights:

Tammy Bruce:

A lot of people are excited with some news that Sarah Palin is considering running for the Senate against Mark Begich [AK]. He’s up in 2014. Now, a number of years ago when Sarah Palin said she wasn’t going to be running for anything… I felt that I let you all down because of my conveyance to you of my certainty that she was going to run for office. And, we all found out, on a comment she made on Mark Levin’s radio program.  And many people were quite, after the lead-up to what we thought was going to be a run, were quite shocked and disappointed. After that episode, and what I felt was my role in that, I pledged to you to certainly still be romantic and still be optimistic, but to also be much more conscious of surrounding issues and situations and rhetoric that is used publicly versus…now, I’m now removed from having rhetoric applied to me personally, in this particular case.  So I’m looking now  just at rhetoric in the public. Okay. And I think that that is keeping me a bit more objective, not even objective  – but, how can I put this? – allows me to be more clear with you because I’m not receiving competing messages.  Okay?

So, [Sarah Palin] appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio program, and this is where it started, saying that she would consider supporting a third party if Republicans don’t return to their conservative roots – I mean – which of us wouldn’t? But said also that she is considering running for the Senate. Here is what I’m going to explain to you.  I’m going to tell you why she is not going to.  And so while I would prefer, we all of course want to be excited, I told you last week that there are two women that I think should run and would make a big positive difference in the Senate – and that’s Liz Cheney and Sarah Palin.  And I explained to you that it was much more likely that Liz Cheney would.  But one of them would have to, for me to know that we were going to be okay, because of the message about that generation, my generation, Palin and Cheney and me were of the same generation. Now that alone makes me happiest being an American because we are all very different women, but that we all have a love for the country and are Conservative.  That should tell you something – and all very different backgrounds, my goodness. That we’ve all come, and you out there listening, that we’ve all come to the same position, despite the nature of how we were raised, where we were raised, the nature of our lives. Okay. Here’s a bit of Palin with Sean Hannity:

[plays clip with additional comments]…

So, she says she’s considered it [run for Senate] because people have asked her to [plays more of clip]. I recall quite distinctly the rhetoric she used last time and I just want to give you, you know, a reminder on that. What she’s saying now and what she’s gonna say in a second is almost identical to what she said last time when everybody thought she was going to be running, but she never says so. And whether it’s about Rubio or Rand Paul and very different issues about them being betrayers, the fact is that Sarah Palin never publicly said that she was going to run, but was very vague in the nature of what she was saying and she’s doing it again.  And I just want you to hear it in that fashion, only because I remember the difficulties and the sadness.  Look, we’ve got enough crap on our plate, here’s my problem here, we’ve got so much crap on our plates already that for many people it’s difficult to remain engaged. And I think that…people can do whatever they want. Sarah Palin can go out there and say whatever she wants. What I find though is that very often, especially when there is a letdown, that there’s less inspiration than there is disappointment.  And what I don’t want, are for people to be re-engaged and then to fall out right when we need people for 2014.  And that’s a danger here, if she’s going down the same track, and I think she is. [continues audio clip]… She says effectively that Begich is betraying Alaska [clip continues with additional comments from Tammy].

Alright, so I have to tell you, that is almost identical to the approach she took last time.  And we know what the results were there. What was that, like October of 2011? Right?  Look, we knew then what was going on with the Republicans and Obama….. We were in Pella in September of 2011. If you want to be reminded about her attitude then…you could go to YouTube and look for her complete speech in Indianola, Iowa September 3rd of 2011, you’ll see why I’m issuing to you a caution. Okay. And she’s being completely fair, but there is an attitude and a tone that could be misleading and I don’t want any of you to put this into your package of expectations. Here’s the other reason. Remember, Sean introduced her as a Fox News Contributor. She just re-signed with Fox News, after what I think was probably a contentious departure last time. Roger Ailes got mad, y’know she revealed she wasn’t running on a radio show, not on Fox. And I have to say I wasn’t party to knowing exactly what was going on, but I think even publicly it was pretty apparent that people weren’t happy with the nature of how that relationship was unfolding.  Well now she’s back and a lot of people were surprised. But you don’t sign on for Fox for a month. They’re gonna want a year… but I think that when you sign up to be a commentator for a year, and it moves through this term that she’s discussing.  I don’t think that she’s going to bag on Fox again. Y’know they’re signing people up that they have the best commentary for the elections as they come up, so keep that in mind.  She has been free for awhile, she just re-signed with Fox, and that wasn’t so that she could leave. If anyone’s going to be running for the Senate, you hear Liz Cheney making the noise now. This is the summertime. We’re effectively a year out of when a campaign has to be the strongest it’s going to be for the next summer. You have to be working on it NOW!

So, that’s why. There’s a commitment to Fox News. Yeah…and she’s using exactly the same rhetoric she used last year. And while you can enjoy her and hope and maybe still be inspired by her, I’m gonna ask you, and look – be surprised if I’m wrong – I hope both of them run. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I am. Not with what I experienced in the past. And not with what I’m hearing now. And not with her action of signing as a contributor with something that would take her through this season.

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