Tammy Bruce guest-hosts *Next Generation Today* 8/5/13

Tammy Bruce guest hosted today’s episode of Next Generation Today!
Joining Tammy  ~> NGTV regulars Stephen Kruiser and Michelle Fields.

World Wide Travel Alert and Embassy Closures Prove NSA Program a Success? (Aug. 5, 2013)

What if you has a rally and no one showed up? You’d probably be disappointed. But what if a rally was organized by the Obama Administration and no one showed up? Uh oh. Is Obamacare on the skids? Plus, is the Obama Administration handling the Al Qaeda threat properly by issuing a world wide travel alert and closing 19 of our embassies? Senator Lindsey Graham thinks so. And the July jobs report was released on Friday. Jobs were added, but the Next Generation Today panel tells us why it’s not good news.

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