Tammy Bruce chats w/ Andy Parks about her WashTimes column today 1-17-14

Tammy Bruce  is now Friday’s favorite feature in the Washington Times. Here’s a link to her column today:
BRUCE: Bombastic arrogance or humble determination? Chris Christie’s choice

The impact of Bridgegate on the 2016 presidential election

Someone better remind the Democrats and their legacy-media allies about the law of unintended consequences.
The so-called “Bridgegate” scandal has already been the subject of many a political column and commentary, but missing in the analysis is how this unexpected debacle has placed Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey in a unique and possibly beneficial position he never could have (or would have) deliberately designed. Read more…

Tammy007Tammy was also a guest today on Andy Park’s broadcast Live from the Washington Times.
Listen to the interview here ☞