Tammy Bruce chats w/ Andy Parks about her WashTimes column today 1-24-14

Friday’s Favorite Feature in the Washington Times  = the weekly column by Tammy Bruce . Here’s a link to her column today:

BRUCE: Bring back the firing squad for the death penalty

The best way to dispatch the monsters among us

Has the left’s attempt to use the lethal-injection process to ban the death penalty backfired?

Consideration of firing squads for implementing the death penalty is not a fringe issue and would bring back the humaneness the left claims it wants in the process.  Read more…


Tammy007Tammy was also a guest today on Andy Park’s broadcast Live from the Washington Times to discuss her column.
Listen to the interview here ☞

[apologies for 2 short alert tones heard during the interview – a real-time recording oops]